307F Sanitary Ball Valve

Brand: Inline Industries

The 307F series utilizes a unique Tru-Drain tapered cavity body and integral purge and drain ports to eliminate potential pooling.

This clean-in-place system provides outstanding performance in high purity applications.

  • Operating / Test Conditions:
    • Temperature Range (PTFE): -20° to 350° F.
    • Maximum Working Pressure (PTFE): 1000 psi (1/2"-1") 800 psi (1-1/2"-2") 600 psi (2 1/2"-4") 300 psi (6")
  • Valves inspected and tested to API 598 and meet MSS SP-61 seat leakage requirements.
  • All materials comply with applicable ASTM material specifications and USDA and FDA material requirements.
  • Material test reports available upon request. Options:
  • Clamp, tube butt weld, extended tube butt weld ends.
  • Polish and electro-polish to custom specification.
  • Tru-Drain Tapered Body Cavity:
    • Eliminates pooling of process media.
  • Integral Purge and Drain Ports:
    • Quickly drains body cavity.
  • High-Cycle, Live-Loaded Stem Packing:
    • Ensures tight seal.
    • Extends service life.
  • 3-Piece Swing-in-Place Construction:
    • Easy to repair in service line.
  • 316SS Construction with 316L Weld Ends:
    • One valve can be used for many service conditions.
  • Blow-Out-Proof Stem:
    • Stem is bottom loaded to prevent removal when valve is in service.
  • Locking Device:
    • Enables plant personnel to secure valve in open or closed position when manually operated.
  • Investment Cast:
    • Improves dimensional control and reduces porosity.
  • Internal Surfaces Roll Burnished Prior to Final Polish:
    • Reduces surface porosity.
    • Improves surface finish.
  • 25 Ra Internal Surface Finish:


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