ASCO 458 Series Rocker Isolation Valves

Brand: ASCO

ASCO’s patented 458 Series rocker isolation valves are designed for use with the neutral or highly aggressive liquids found in analytical instrumentation.

Hermetic separation of the control mechanism prevents particulate contamination caused by friction of moving parts, assuring maximum purity of liquid samples.

A special rocker mechanism prevents heat transfer to the fluid, eliminates the sticking effect of the valve seat, and significantly reduces erratic liquid flow.
  • Designed for corrosive media that can attack valves designed for general service duty.
  • Excellent self-draining capability and easy-to-flush low-volume internal cavity make these valves ideal in applications where cross-contamination must be minimized.
  • Rocker design significantly reduces erratic flow caused by pumping action in poppet style valves.
  • Standard built-in manual operator for testing or troubleshooting.
  • Meets all relevant CE directives, and is RoHS-compliant for lead-free applications.



Body Material

  • Engineered Plastics


  • Less than .05 Cv, Less than .04 Kv


  • 2-Way - 2/2 Normally Closed, 3-Way - 3/2 Universal

Maximum Differential, Maximum Operating Pressure

  • Vacuum to 150 psig


  • Aggressive Liquids & Gases

Operating Environment

  • Corrosive, Indoor

Pipe / Port Size

  • 10-32, 3/4

Port Type

  • Barb, UNF

Standards & Regulations

  • IP40, IP65

Valve Actuation

  • Solenoid


  • 12 DC, 24 DC, 50/60

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