507F 3/4/5-Way Sanitary Ball Valve: 1/2" - 2"

Brand: Inline Industries

The 507F is a true multi-way ball valve with balanced 4-seat construction which can reduce the number of process valves required in a piping system.

This full port valve is available in a number of flow configurations with both clamp and tube O.D. butt weld end connections.

Operating / Test Conditions:
  • Temperature Range (TFM): -20° to 400° F.

  • Maximum Working Pressure (TFM): 1000 psi (1/2" - 1") 800 psi (1-1/2" - 2") 600 psi (3" - 4")

  • All valves shell and seat tested to ANSI/ASME B16.34 and API 598.

  • All materials comply with applicable ASTM material specifications.

  • All soft wetted parts comply with FDA CFR Title 21 Part 17.

  • Options:

  • 4- or 5-way construction with multiple flow patterns.

  • Clamp, tube O.D. butt weld, extended tube O.D. butt weld, or compression end connections.

  • Finer internal surface finishes available.
  • Features
    • Balanced 4-Seat or 5-Seat Construction:
      • Unlike 2-seated diverter valves and other multi-port valves on the market, the 507F series has 4 seats (five seats in bottom entry valves) for positive shut-off in the closed position. This true multiport function can reduce the number of valves required in a process system and gives engineers greater design flexibility.
    • Trunnion Mounted Ball (1-1/2" - 4"):
      • Lateral forces in a 3-way valve can cause unwanted seat distortion. Stem/ball isolation prevents side loading and wear of downstream seats improving performance and service life.
    • ISO 5211 Mounting Pad:
      • High-Cycle, Live Loaded Stem Packing:
      • Dynamic loading on stem packing ensures a tight seal through varying pressure and temperature conditions, extending service life and reducing maintenance costs.
    • Blow-Out-Proof Stem:
      • Stem is bottom loaded to prevent removal when valve is in service.
    • Full Port Design:
      • Full port construction improves flow characteristics for greater process efficiencies.


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