Bettis Multiport Valve Actuator (MPA)

Brand: Bettis - by Emerson Electric Co.

An electronic system specifically designed to control and monitor the operation of the Multiport Flow Selector.

Ideal for integrated well testing.
  • Designed for control of multi-port flowselectors (MPFS) with 3 to 8 ports typicaly in oil & gas industry for well production testing. Often combined with Multiport Flow Selector (MPFS).
  • Allows diversion of fluids from a single flow line to a test outlet or sampling device
  • I/O and alarm monitoring include - integral circuit breaker/disconnect, motor overload and motor thermal, loss of control voltage, encoder failure, stall detection and alarms (detects mechanical faults), 3-phase monitoring and phase correction.
  • Solid-state motor starter and control software provides precise positioning of flow selector within +1 degree of selected port.
  • High performance microcontroller updates motor control output every 4ms for precision motor control
  • Remote display module (RDM) option available. RDM displays identical information and performs identical control as LDM. Allows for remote control up to 4,000 feet.
  • Wide range of 4-pole motors available for any voltage or torque. Configurable for MPFS from 3 to 8 ports.
  • 12-bit magnetic encoder coupled directly to valve stem for position feedback.
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