Bettis Q-Series Valve Operating System (VOS) with Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuator

Brand: Bettis - by Emerson Electric Co.

The Bettis Q-series is an integrated rack & pinion actuator concept with a base actuator and various control modules for control and feedback signals.

Bettis Q-Series are designed to operate quarter turn valves or any other quarter turn application.

Bettis Q-Series consists of 9 actuator sizes (spring return or double acting) and 5 control modules for conventional wiring or with bus communication protocols like AS-Interface or Foundation Fieldbus.
  • Reduce commissioning cost by the easy to mount single unit.
  • Provide maximum flexibility in various applications with the modular design.
  • Use the Q-Series Valve Operating System in compact installations benefiting from the low profile.
  • Prevent unplanned Plant-Down-Time using the PlantWeb™ or NAMUR NE 107 connectivity with predictive diagnostic capabilities.
  • A single electrical connection point, reducing wiring complexity.
  • One Control Module for the full actuator range, reducing stock levels of various spare parts.
  • One source of supply for Valve Operating Systems, reducing sourcing complexity.
  • Robust and durable spring-return or double-acting actuator design.
  • Output torque ranging from 47 to 1676 Nm (5.5barg) or 413 to 14874 (80pisg).
  • Easy exchangeable cartridges for pilot valves, limit switches or booster blocks.
  • Standard “Breather“ function protects spring chambers for corrosion.
  • Proof enclosure, prevents “hot-work-permits“ or down time for switch adjustments.
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