364 Ball Valve

Brand: Inline Industries

The 364 series diverter valve incorporates several innovative design features for improved process performance.

This standard or full-port diverter valve is available in side or bottom porting.

The 3-piece design yields enhanced performance at a cost saving.

The ISO 5211 mounting pad allows for Direct Mounting of most actuators.

Operating / Test Conditions:
  • Temperature Range: -20° to 600° F (depending on seats).
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 364F - 3600 psi (Class 1500) (1/4" ~ 1") 364F - 2160 psi (Class 900)(1-1/4" ~ 1")
  • All valves built and pressure tested to ANSI/ASME B16.34, MSS-SP-110 and API 598.
  • All materials comply with applicable ASTM material specifications.
  • End connections: All to B16.34; Female NPT to B1.20.1; socket weld to B16.11; butt weld to B16.25; flanged to B16.5 Options:
  • End connections available in Female NPT, socket weld, butt weld, compression, grooved and flanged, in 316SS or carbon steel.
  • Jacketed.
  • Bottom Porting.
  • High Pressure Seats and Seals.
  • High Temperature Seats and Seals capable of up to 400 psi of saturated steam.
  • Dual Pattern ISO 5211 Direct Mount Pad:
    • No mounting kit needed for automation.
    • Eliminates exposed moving parts for safer work environment.
    • Direct drive eliminates play and improves actuator positioning.
    • Dual pattern pad fits a wide range of actuator sizes.
  • High-Cycle, Live Loaded Stem Packing:
    • Spring energized stem seals self-adjust to compensate for wear, pressure and temperature changes ensuring a leak-tight seal and extending service life.
  • O-Ring Stem Bearing:
    • Maintains stem alignment.
    • Reduces packing side-loading and wear.
    • Enhances stem seal.
  • Blow-Out-Proof Stem:
    • Stem is bottom loaded to prevent removal when valve is in service.
  • Universal Valve Body:
    • Same center section can be used for both manual and automated service.
  • Lockout Capability:
    • Enables plant personnel to secure valve in open or closed position when manually operated.
  • Heavy Duty Construction:
    • Made to full ANSI B16.34 Class 600 dimensions for trouble-free performance over a wide range of service conditions.
  • Investment Cast:
    • High quality investment castings improve dimensional control and reduce porosity; certified material test reports are available upon request.
    • Anti-Static Stem


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