ASCO 226 Series Fluidic Valves

Brand: ASCO

The ASCO Series 226 fluidic control valves designed to handle both liquid and gases in analytical and medical device and instruments. With a diverse array of fit, form, and function, the 226 Series is ideally suited for applications such as Dental Equipment, Gas Chromatography, Industrial analyzers, and respiratory devices.
  • Available in 2/2 NC/NO, 3/2 NC/NO and Universal versions, as well as proportional control and latching versions
  • Low power versions (0.5W), and latching coil versions (power consumption close to zero) results in a decrease in OEM instrument power consumption as well as a decrease in heat transferred to the fluid media
  • Small form-factor saves space in OEM instruments are well-suited for portable and hand-held field devices
  • Multiple electrical connection options and a rotatable coil create greater flexibility in OEM instrument design and serviceability
  • meets all relevant CE directives, and are RoHS compliant



Body Material

  • Brass, Brass - Nickel-Plated, POM


  • Less than .05 Cv, from .05-.1 Cv, from 0.1 Cv to 0.5 Cv


  • 2-Way - 2/2 Normally Closed, 2-Way - 2/2 Normally Open, 3-Way - 3/2 Universal, 3-Way - 3/2 Normally Open, 3-Way - 3/2 Normally Closed

Maximum Differential, Maximum Operating Pressure

  • 0 to 232 psi


  • Air, Inert Gas, Water

Operating Environment

  • Indoor

Pipe / Port Size

  • M5

Port Type

  • Flange, Push-In

Standards & Regulations

  • IP65, RoHS

Valve Actuation

  • Solenoid, Solenoid - Direct-Acting, Solenoid - Latching


  • 6 DC, 12 DC, 24 DC

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