ASCO V022 Series Flow Control Valves

Brand: ASCO

The ASCO V022 Series is a line of adjustable flow control valves that provide greater capacity than most constructions. A spring-loaded disc allows free flow in one direction and an adjustable flow in the other. The valves are suitable for automotive, press room and stamping, bottling, refining, and tire manufacturing applications.
  • Tapered brass stem controls flow through the cross-hole in the disc
  • Unique locking device in the adjusting knob
  • Scribed graduations provide position indication for the stem
  • Mountable in any position for flexible installation
  • 316L stainless-steel constructions available with integrated check valve



Operating Environment

  • Corrosive, Indoor, Outdoor, Hazardous, Washdown

Pipe / Port Size

  • 1/4, 1/2, 3/8, 3/4


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