Bettis TorqPlus Electric Valve Actuator

Brand: Bettis - by Emerson Electric Co.

The Bettis TorqPlus Electric Actuator employs a unique modular design to allow for simple retrofits using over 200 different accessory kits.
  • Five models with output torques ranging from 100 in-lbs-in to 20,000 in-lbs-in (11 Nm to 2,260Nm)
  • Standard for torques as low as 350 lbs-in through 10,000 lbs-in torques is 100% (none less than 50% in all available motor voltages)
  • Compact design in weatherproof and explosion-proof housings
  • Modular design readily accommodates controls and accessories such as heaters, motor brakes, positioners, transmitters and control stations
  • Permanent lubrication reduces the need for scheduled maintenance
  • High strength gearing run in needle bearings for smooth energy transfer and long service life
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