Bettis HD-Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Brand: Bettis - by Emerson Electric Co.

A heavy duty, cost effective pneumatic actuator to remotely open and close valves.
  • Double-acting Actuator are available with guaranteed minimum output torques to 50,331 lbs-in (5,687 Nm).
  • Fail safe spring-return models produce guaranteed minimum spring ending torques to 18,044 lbs-in (2,039 Nm).
  • Bettis Actuator are available with a variety of manual overrides designed to deliver full rated torque output without assistance from an external power source.
  • For special applications and/or extreme environments, Bettis engineers have developed a wide variety of optional trims with special design criteria.
  • All double-acting Actuator shall be of the balanced scotch-yoke design and be capable of producing a torque output at both the start and end positions (0 and 90 degrees) of at least 1-1/2 times the minimum torque output.
  • Power cylinders and spring cartridges shall be mounted rigidly to the actuator housing using metal-to-metal interfaces and weather tight seals.
  • Shall utilize permanently lubricated, high performance yoke trunnion and piston rod bearings.
  • All bearings shall be sized and material selected to provide maximum service life while performing as sacrificial protectors of critical sealing and structural components.
  • Factory installed instrument tubing shall be type 316 stainless steel with corrosion resistant steel fittings.
  • Actuator torque outputs shall be guaranteed minimum values auditable to type test of each model.
  • Housing, spring cartridge and non-pressurized cylinder elements shall be environmentally protected by a normally closed vent system facilitating a positive pressure purge during operation per BSK 2661, if applicable.



  • Double-Acting

Approvals & Certifications

  • ATEX, IP-6X, IP-X6, IP-X7M, Lloyd⃡s Approval

Control Type


Operating Pressure

  • Up to 17 bar (250 psig) or Hydraulic Pressures up to 207 bar (3,000 psig)

Operating Temperature

  • Standard -29° to 93° C (-20° to 200° F)

Power Source

  • Pneumatic

Product Type

  • Pneumatic Actuator

Torque / Thrust

  • 5,687 Nm (50,331 In/Lbs)

Valve Type

  • Ball, Butterfly, & Plug Valves, Louvers & Dampers, & Other Quarter-Turn Mechanisms
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