ASCO 290C Series Motorised Proportional Valves

Brand: ASCO

The ASCO 290C Series is line of fast-closing motorized proportional valves with high-flow capabilities and an anti-water hammer design.

The robust, reliable valves are suitable for a variety of applications including sterilizers, wine production (thermoregulation), food processing, car wash equipment, hydrotherapy, water treatment, industrial heating and cooling equipment, and on-board vehicle equipment.
  • Easy to use and install with auto-adjustment and auto-initialisation from the first time its powered up
  • LED indicators for valve status display
  • Fail-close position option
  • Less than 2 W holding phase/set point position
  • Valve tight at closing position (FCI 70-2 class V)
  • Proportional motorised valve 2/2 is available



Body Material

  • Stainless Steel


  • 2/2 Normally Closed

Maximum Differential, Maximum Operating Pressure

  • Vacuum to 10.3 bar


  • Air, Inert Gas, Hot Water, Light Oil, Water, Steam, Vacuum, Aggressive Liquids & Gases, CO₂

Operating Environment

  • Indoor, Outdoor

Pipe / Port Size

  • 1/2, 3/8, 3/4, DN 15

Port Type

  • G ISO 228 / 1-G BSPP, ISO 7 / 1 RP BSPT, Female NPT

Standards & Regulations

  • IP65, RoHS

Valve Actuation

  • Motorized, Motorised, Proportional


  • 24 DC, 24 AC, 24 to 120 AC/DC Voltage Ranging, 240 AC, 48 AC, 230 AC, 110 AC, 115 AC, 120 AC, 208 AC, 220 AC
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