Series BDG/WDG Brass Digital Pressure Gauge

Brand: Dwyer Instruments, LLC

The Series BDG Brass Digital Pressure Gauge measures gas pressure with ±0.5% Full Scale accuracy at an affordable price.

With brass wetted material, the series BDG is designed for your specific applications of compatible gases. Its design allows for easy installation. User-selectable units of measure let one gauge be used for various pressure scales.

The Series WDG Weatherproof Digital Pressure Gauge measures gas and liquid pressure with high accuracy at an affordable price.

It’s rugged weatherproof design stands up to outdoor and industrial environments. The 4-digit backlit display with four selectable units makes readings easily visible to prevent reading errors.

The WDG comes with 304L stainless steel wetted material for a wide range of compatible liquids and gases.
  • Brass wetted materials for use with compatible gases
  • Backlit display provides easy viewing of gauge measurement
  • Selectable units provide readings in easily recognizable units for user
  • Well-suited gauge for application designs specifying simple operation and accuracy
  • Rugged weatherproof enclosure enables a range of use outdoor or indoor where water is present



  • ± 0.5 % of Full Scale (BDG & WDG)
  • ± 0.5 % of Full Scale (BDG)
  • ± 1 % of Full Scale

Battery Life

  • 2 to 3-Years Typically


  • 4-Digit LCD (1-1/4 x 5/8˝)

Enclosure, Body Material

  • ABS Plastic (BDG)
  • Fiberglass Reinforced PP Plastic

Environmental Protection

  • IP10: BDG
  • IP65: WDG


  • Gases (BDG & WDG)
  • Liquids (WDG)


  • NIST

NPT Connection

  • 1/4” NPT Male

Power Requirement

  • 3 V CR123A Lithium Metal Battery

Pressure Range

  • bar: 0 to 344.7
  • kpa: 0 to 34,473.8
  • psig: 0 to 5,000


  • Gauge: 2.5˝ O.D.


  • ± 0.05 % of Full Scale Per Year

Standard Features

  • NIST Traceable Calibration

Temperature Effect

  • ± 0.04 % of Full Scale Per °C

Temperature Range

  • -10° to 60° C (14° to 140° F)

Wetted Materials

  • 304L Stainless Steel (WDG)
  • Brass (BDG)
  • Silicone Sensor (BDG)

  • Pneumatic
  • Draft Measurement
  • Filter Monitoring
  • Industrial
  • Outdoor
  • HVAC Roof-Top
  • Flow
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