317F Sanitary Ball Valve

Brand: Inline Industries

The 317F series combines tube full port construction with a variety of sanitary end connections to deliver outstanding performance in high purity applications.

The valve's uniform bore diameter and polished internal surfaces improve flow characteristics and eliminate pooling of potential contaminants.

  • Operating / Test Conditions:
    • Temperature Range (PTFE): -20° to 350° F.
    • Maximum Working Pressure (PTFE): 1000 psi (1/2"-1") 800 psi (1-1/2"-2") 600 psi (2 1/2"-4") 300 psi (6")
  • Valves inspected and tested to API 598 and meet MSS SP-61 seat leakage requirements.
  • All materials comply with applicable ASTM material specifications and USDA and FDA material requirements.
  • Material test reports available upon request. Options:
  • Clamp, tube butt weld, extended tube butt weld ends.
  • Polish and electro-polish to custom specifications.
  • Cavity filled seats.
  • Tube Full Port Design:
    • True tube full port construction eliminates pooling of process media and improves flow characteristics for greater efficiency.
  • High-Cycle, Live-Loaded Stem Packing:
    • Ensures tight seal.
    • Extends service life.
  • 3-Piece Swing-in-Place Construction:
    • Easy to repair in service line.
  • Made of Corrosion-Resistant 316 SS (A-351 Gr. CF8M) with 316L SS (A-351 Gr.CF3M) Weld Ends:
    • One valve can be used for many service conditions.
  • Blow-Out-Proof Stem:
    • Stem is bottom loaded to prevent removal when valve is in service.
  • Locking Device:
    • Enables plant personnel to secure valve in open or closed position when manually operated.
  • Investment Cast:
    • Improves dimensional control and reduces porosity.
  • Internal Surfaces Roll Burnished Prior to Final Polish:
    • Reduces surface porosity.
    • Improves surface finish.


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